Case Study 7: Shatto Ditch Two-Stage & Cover Crops, Kosciusko County , IN

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Case Study 7: Shatto Ditch Watershed in Kosciusko County, IN

 (Download Case Study 7 Summary PDF)


Location: Shatto Ditch Watershed in Kosciusko County, IN. Watershed size = ~3000 acres, located in the larger Tippecanoe River Basin.

Team Leader and key team members:  Jennifer Tank (Notre Dame), Darci Zolman (SWCD), and Kent Wamsley (IN-TNC).

Focus: Effect of the paired implementation of cover crops and the two-stage ditch to reduce watershed nutrient and sediment export.

Typical farming practices: mostly no-till in a tile-drained landscape.

Agricultural BMPs: cover crops applied at watershed scale paired with two-stage ditch practice.

Watershed Scale Approaches: See above.

State and Federal Programs: NA

Grants to Support Case Study: We are in Year 2 of a 3 year USDA-CIG grant.

Outreach Education: Ongoing outreach to regional SWCD, state NRCS staff in Indiana, and local/regional farmers through field-days, one-pagers, webinars, and in-person seminars at both academic institution and federal agencies, as well as presentations at national/international meetings.  

Socio-Economic Factors: NA