About Healthy Soils for Healthy Waters

Healthy Soils for Healthy Waters addresses an integrated and whole systems approach to sustainable management of agricultural lands. The 2018 Symposium addressed Building Soil Health, Regenerative Agriculture, Precision Nutrient Management, Improving Infiltration and Water Holding Capacity, and Healthy Foods.

We are continuing to collaborate with universities, state and local agencies, and non-profit organizations to share their knowledge and practices to improve agricultural practices that protect our nation’s water, maintain or improve yields, protect soil quality, enhance biodiversity, and provide nutritious crops. Our next workshop will focus on critical assets and aspects related to sustainable agriculture with a particular focus on sensor technologies.

The fifth Healthy Soils for Healthy Waters symposium was held at the Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference on March 6th and 7th, 2018 in Ada, Ohio. Read our post-symposium summary.

Photo credit: USDA-NRCS, Paige Buck

Healthy Soils

Aligning soil, plant, and nutrition science with agricultural producers and buyers. Healthy Soils for Healthy People optimizes agronomic practices for healthy soils, nutritious foods, clean water, and farm economics.

Sensing Technology

The 2020 workshop will address knowledge gaps in soil health indicators and assess how different attributes can be combined to provide understandable data. Contact Katie DeMuro at kdemuro@greenleafcommunities.org for information.

Past Symposia

In 2017, 6 of 25 "No-Till Legends" (pictured above) presented on their management practices. Past topics have included case studies that highlighted BMPs to reduce nutrient exports, water conservation efforts, and regenerative agriculture.