Case Studies

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Case Studies

Case studies have been selected to focus on agricultural water use, water quality problems, appropriate combinations of practices, and climate change effects in the following geographic areas: Lake Erie/Maumee Basin, Ohio River Watershed, Upper Mississippi River Basin, Missouri River Watershed, Lower Mississippi River Basin, and the Great Lakes Fox/Wolf Watershed. They all focus on corn and soybean farming systems where nutrient discharges are a concern. Most are in areas where there is a need for tile drainage.

Case study teams will exchange expertise on practices such as soil amendments, 4Rs, controlled drainage, woodchip bioreactors and P filters, variable rate technologies, tillage, cover crops, crop rotations, nutrient management and two stage ditches. Discussion will include socio-economic factors, barriers to adoption and methods, tools and watershed models that might be useful estimating the water quality, production and economic benefits of different combinations of BMPs.

A primary purpose for team building at the 2014 Workshop will be to develop expectations and water quality targets for the Spring Symposium when teams will return to present results on what it will take to meet targets and field and watershed scales. Click on the case studies to learn more.

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 Case Study Teams (team leaders, affiliation)

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Arkansas-White- Red Basin

Case Study 2: AR (Mike Daniels, University of Arkansas)

Great Lakes Basin – Lake Erie Basin
Case Study 11:
OH (Libby Dayton, The Ohio State University)

Case Study 12: OH (Dan Peerless, Greenleaf Advisors, LLC/Warren Dick, The Ohio State University)

Case Study 13: ON (Merrin Macrae, University of Waterloo)

Case Study 14: OH (Rick Wilson, Ohio EPA)

Case Study 15: IN (Lauren Lindemann, The Nature Conservancy)

Case Study 16: OH (Jay Martin, The Ohio State University)

Lower Mississippi River Basin

Case Study 3: MS (Joby Czarnecki, Mississippi State University)

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Lower Tennessee River Basin

Case Study 10: TN (Forbes Walker, University of Tennessee)

Missouri River Basin

Case Study 1: NE (Derrel Martin, University of Nebraska)

Ohio River Basin

Case Study 6 (NA): IL (Richard Cooke, University of Illinois)

Case Study 7: IN (Jennifer Tank, University of Notre Dame)

Case Study 8: OH (Kevin King, USDA-ARS)

Case Study 9: IN (Eileen McLellan, Environmental Defense Fund)

Upper Mississippi River Basin

Case Study 4: MN (Bruce Wilson, University of Minnesota)

Case Study 5: WI (Dennis Busch, University of Wisconsin)